Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Week

This week is going to be rather busy for all of us...tomorrow Jeremy has a basketball game and then Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment in Lubbock and it is also Tanner's birthday. Wednesday afternoon I have another doctor's appointment here and then I have to work Thursday evening. Friday will be a day to just rest for a little while and then of course there is the weekend...we are trying to get the baby's room ready but our time seems to be running out fast. I am glad that I had a good weekend and didn't have to work the whole time...I was able to go through some clothes that were given to us for the baby and get them sorted out by sizes. The next thing that I will need to do is wash all of the clothes in baby detergent and then get them put up in the dresser. I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you are ready for another week of good thing about this week is that we get a three day weekend!! God bless all of you!