Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beautiful weekend

Well I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!! Emily is spending the weekend with my in-laws and Tanner just got home from spending the night with a friend and going to the movies-they went to see the newest Chronicles of Narnia movie and he said that it was really good. Jeremy and I went over to Matt and Victoria's house last night and helped them do some things to help get their house ready to put on the was nice to be able to sit and visit with them and hang out. The weather has been so beautiful and warm. It would have been great to just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful blue sky but the mosquitos are so awful that they could probably have carried us off...Jeremy has been over there most of today helping Matt get the fence rebuilt and he should be home anythime now...I can't believe that the end of school is just around the corner. I am very excited about being able to spend so much time with the kids and my husband. I hope that you all have a relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New pictures

I thought that I would add some new pictures of Emily and as soon as I get some of Tanner I will add those as well...

Emily is getting in some practice of making faces at her daddy for when she is older.

Emily is holding Naveh (a foster baby). My mother-in-law was watching her for a friend. Emily wasn't happy when I was holding her, in fact she walked away from me after she saw me.

The last one is where she passed out watching a movie in the rocking chair...

I can't believe just how much she is changing everyday. I hope that everyone enjoys the pictures.


It's always difficult when God puts wonderful friends in our lives and you grow with them and become close and then God takes them somewhere has been a difficult few weeks as we learn that so many coaching friends are being lead other places. When I married Jeremy, I knew that this would be our way of life but it doesn't get any easier...I pray daily that our friends will let God guide them through these tough times and that He will place wonderful people in their lives!!
I can't believe that there are only seven days left of school. Jeremy and I are counting down the days until we can board a plane for Austin and get some much needed "couple" time together. We are going to a Coaches Outreach marriage conference but we weren't as brave as Richard and Tracy to lead a small group-my hat is off to you both for doing such a thing!! I have to say thanks to Tracy for sparking my interest in the marriage conference. Two years ago after their first conference she talked about it so much during many football games, we decided that we would go and see what it was all about and now...we are going back for our second one and we are truly looking forward to it!! It is amazing to see how much you grow together in just a few short days and learn how to keep it growing.
Other then that we will be staying close to home this summer...we may take a weekend trip to Cloudcroft, NM and spend some time with family but for the most part we are home this summer...Tanner will be gone off and on seeing his dad and step-mom as well as other family. Emily will spend about a week and a half with Jeremy's parents in the mountains (unless they feel it necessary to keep her longer). I hope that everyone has a fabulous end of school year!!

To the friends that are pursuing better dreams-May God keep you and bless you all of your days!!