Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another doctor's appointment

Well I had another doctor's appointment yesterday and everything seems to be going well. I do have a sinus infection that could be part of the cause of my headaches...needless to say I am taking an antibiotic so that I can get over it pretty quickly. When the doctor tried listening for the heartbeat, he wasn't quite able to hear anything so we went to the sono machine so that he could isolate the heart beat and in the mean time Jeremy and I could see the baby just bouncing around and being very active...which makes me and Jeremy happy. It is always nice to be able to see an active baby and know that everything is going well.

I am also glad to hear that Tracy's doctor's appointment came out well and that we are still believing in PINK!! I am glad that things seem to be going well for her. The power of prayer is such an awesome thing. We just have to continue to pray that everything will continue to go well. It is good to have Emily back at home-there is always so much excitement when she is home-although I tend to miss the quite at times...I hope that everyone is having a great night and may God bless you!!