Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting older

Well, tomorrow is my birthday and I can't believe that another year has gone by...My in-laws sent me this card and as I was reading it I started crying-go figure. Tanner was sitting in the car with me and just kept looking at me and probably thinking to himself...she has lost it!! After getting him to football practice and going to pick up Emily from the daycare, I made it home just in time to do just little bit of straightening up-although it doesn't look like it right now due to my daughter-before Jeremy and Tanner were coming in. These days are going by fast but the evenings are going by even quicker. I can't believe that next week is the spring football game and then we are pretty much done with the school year!! Our lives are on such a fast track that sometimes I can't tell if we are coming or going. Well I am going to try to get the house picked back up one more time before we all call it a night. I hope that everyone is having a great week.


Brandi said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

tracy said...

Oh Katie, I hope you had a good birthday. I'm sorry I missed it. I was so consumed having my own pity party for a day or so I didn't realize it was your birthday. I am so sorry. I'm over my pity party now - and I 'm ready to move on. I hope you had a great day.