Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Family Pictures

I have posted updated pictures of the kids as well as our family pictures.  Hope you all enjoy.

A New Year

It's been just over a month since my last blog and so much has happened.  We spent Christmas at home most of the time but did venture out to Amarillo for a family gathering and then to Lubbock for the 2nd gathering.  Tanner left on Christmas day to spend the last week with his dad.

Last minute New Year's weekend we decided that we would take a trip to Glen Rose and bring in the new year with Sarah and Rusty and the kids.  Had a GREAT time.  Gives me great hope for the New Year knowing that I brought in 2012 surrounded by friends I consider FAMILY.

Tomorrow Tanner will turn 14 and I just can't imagine that it has been that long since I spent a nearly 12 hours in labor to have this precious thing placed in my arms and heard the words "Congratulations Mom."  He entered the world at 3:19 PM and weighed 5 lbs 13 ozs.

 In 2 weeks, our family and my ex-husband's family will enjoy a long weekend in Ruidoso, NM in a cabin.  The guys (Jeremy, Tanner, Robert, Rustin, and Dell) along with some of the kids (Emily, Logan, Leevi, and Kateri) will be skiing down Ski Apache.  Although I don't partake in the skiing part, I will enjoy some great fellowship with Cecilia, Jessica, Kristin, and Ashley and of course my little man Brayden.  I hope everyone has a great new year.

Our enemies have no reason to gloat over us.  We have fallen, but we will rise again.  We are in darkness now, but the LORD will give us light.  Micah 7:8