Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Counting down

It is three days away from the end of school and the summer is so close that I can taste it...graduation has come and gone and it was quite an experience. I will include a few pictures at the end of the post as well as a few of the kids. I am truly excited about taking the summer off from school and just enjoying my family. Brayden is getting so big and Emily is just as prissy as ever. Tanner is becoming more and more of a teenager with the inquisative nature but he is also still a youngster in the fact that he wants to go and play and just enjoy his time off. He will leave on Sunday for the first three week visit to his dads and then he will be home. It is always hard the first time that we take him but I know that it will come and go and then the next visit will go by quickly and then the beginning of school will be upon us-lets just get through the first few weeks.

Well as I have are some pics from graduation and then a few of the kids.

Just before graduation.

Emily at Relay for Life with her face painted.

Tanner trying to be "big" but it back fired...

Brayden is a happy baby.

Amber is letting him know who's boss ;0)