Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bring on the rain

The rain is so wonderful and it was so makes you want to just curl up on the couch and not do a thing. I was glad to see that Tracy is doing well today and that hopefully she will be back at work soon. I am still having my headaches but they aren't as frequent as they have been. I am also glad that my husband has been at home the last few days to help out with the kids and some of the household duties. I know that starting next week there won't be much time to do anything but come in and fix supper and then get all of us to bed.

I am glad that we-coaches wives-are able to count on each other to help out when we need it even if we think we don't. I am glad that the Rosales family is enjoying the meals that we are able to provide. It is also great to have family that is close enough to be here when you need it. We will continue to pray for Tracy and the baby as well as the rest of the family.

I am getting excited about our upcoming season of football. I am also excited about our upcoming school just never know what it will bring.

My sister-in-law will be going to the doctor this next week so we will know for sure when their baby is due...we can only hope that we are not delivering the same least for the sake of my in-laws!!

Well it is about time to get off of here and start gathering up the family for bed. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the wonderful rain and that there is a restful night in store for all of us.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lazy day

It has been so nice to be able to curl up on the couch and enjoy the cloudy day and just get some well needed rest. It seems like the last few days I haven't been able to sleep well whether it be restless sleep or the fact that there is a 2 year old child sleeping between me and my husband. Emily knows that something is different and she just isn't sure how to handle all of it. I hope that with school soon to start that a normal routine will help her adjust and be able to handle the new baby that is coming. I am truly looking forward to starting a new school year. It is always exciting to see kids wanting to learn. I am also ready for my school semester to start...I am so close to graduating and then transferring I just can't believe it! I know that it will all be worth getting through the next few semesters but it just seems that it is still so far away. I am truly blessed to be able to have the support of my family and friends that just keep cheering me on...thanks to all of you!! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day and God bless!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Good outcome

Well I went to the doctor this afternoon because my headaches are just not getting any better and the doctor decided that it was probably due to an increased amount of progesterone due to the pregnancy. He gave me some different medicine and told me only to use it when it was necessary. He also told me that at my next doctor's appointment he wanted to see if there was any changes in my headaches. Hopefully by then I won't be experiencing anymore but we will have to wait and see. I am glad that it wasn't anything really serious and hopefully everything will be better in the next two weeks. Jeremy was relieved to find out that it wasn't anything major and that it will probably pass. My blood pressure was good and he said that everything else looked really well-what a relief. I hope that everyone is having a great is officially over for some and for others it is just a few days away...time to re-join the "working" class-haha...