Saturday, June 14, 2008

We Made It...

After a grooling afternoon being stuck in Austin traffic we finally made it to the resort. It got a little tense as Jeremy and I were tryin to get here so that we could begin refocusing but we are doing just fine. The speaker is Justin Beadles-he's awesome-the most important thing that I took out of our first session last night was that we must fight to have a great marriage. Most of his text came out of the 13th chapter of really does make sense. God has given us a great marriage but in order to keep it that way we must fight for it. Love being here just praising God and knowing that there is a lot that He has in store for us!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Times

Well...we have had a really great time the last few days just sightseeing and catching up with old friends. We took some pictures of the capital building as well as some other points of interest and I thought that I would post a few so that everyone could see them.

Here is a picture of the capital building. Jeremy just loved being
able to tour it as well as the Texas History Museum.

This was an awesome tour that we took...only problem was that

we weren't able to take pictures within the museum.

Here are some pictures of us hanging out with our friends...we just had such an awesome time catching up as well as reminiscing about old times...

Here is Rusty and Jeremy grilling kabobs and shrimp for us...

Sarah and Temperance emptying the dishwahser...

I can't believe that Temperance 13 months old and full of life!!

Temperance playing in the kitchen...

This afternoon we are headed to Coaches Outreach for a weekend full of spiritual time with each other as well as praising and growing in God. It is just an awesome time for us to really get back in tune and re-focus about what it's all about-GOD!! Hope that everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's here!!

Well Jeremy and I left Lubbock this morning at 7:00 am headed to Austin...everything went well until we got to Austin and didn't have a rental car-frustration...I nearly started crying but I took a step back said just a tiny little prayer and tried it again and in the end, we got a car. So Jeremy and I took in some of the sights there and really enjoyed some time together!! We then left Austin and headed to Cleburne to see our best friends and have some well needed down time. We are just happy to be able to have some together time...seems like here lately things have been so crazy that we don't see each other much. We are looking forward to our weekend of growing...I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week!! As soon as I am able to I will post some pics of the trip this far!!